Pucker Up Phans. It’s Time to Kiss Your Mexican Cousin!

Published on February 21, 2019

Phish’s Mexican vacation starts tonight. To be completely honest, I’m at a loss as what to expect musically from Vermont’s Phinest. Their destination shows in the past have lacked any actual musical teeth. Also, they’re coming off a year that had its share of musical triumphs and
head scratching disappointments.

The three night run in Atlanta was incredible. Raleigh was just ridiculous while Camden never seemed to take flight for any significant amount of time. It was also impossible to surrender to the flow when many fans got stuck inside Cureveball with the “what the hell just happened blues again.” However, one important lesson I’ve learned following the boy’s around since 1992, is to never, ever sleep on this band. If you do so, it’s at your own risk and you will pay the price. Phish’s career is full of these painful lessons. In 1998, many skipped Utah after Halloween in Vegas. Most fans drove directly to Colorado, missing Harpua into “Dark Side of the Moom” in the process. My biggest sin was skipping Baker’s Dozen convinced they would phone in the 13 performances. Ouch! My instincts tell me this weekend’s music will be actually worth price of admission. So if you’re in my boat and can’t get a passport and/or chose not to sell a kidney, we’ll live that dream on the couch .

Here’s hoping your drinking margaritas in Mexico. If not, we here at Grateful Music will keep you as close to the beach as possible with set lists and reviews following each show. Join us for our play by play from the couch.

Get ready fans, Phish is about to take us all on vacation.

Photos by Rene Huemer via Phish’s Facebook Page

Mexico will be available in 1080p HD and Standard Def. A multi-night pass is available. If you’ve got alternate plans, you can still purchase the LivePhish Webcasts and watch them within a few days from your Stash. Order today at webcast.livephish.com.

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