Phish continued to Enjoy Themselves south of the border delivering a masterpiece and leaving the crowd wanting More.

Published on February 23, 2019

Phish reached into their bag of Mexican magic for the second consecutive evening and delivered a masterful show. They set the beach on fire with the first Y.E.M. opener in fifteen years. It was miles from the token version of their celebrated composition. This rare opener started off with Vermont’s Finest firing on every conceivable cylinder as they pushed the celebrated jam vehicle deep into the first stanza. The Facebook world exploded as they enjoyed an extended taste for free.


The chosen ones were treated to an adventurous set with every number played with purpose. The boys delivered a much needed “Emotional Rescue” in the form of The Rolling Stones coveted cover. before delivering everybody some much needed “Shade”. They ended the first half with a hint of what laid in wait with a spirited “Saw it Again”.

The boys wasted no time as the second half opened with a fitting “Set your Soul Free” and for the next hour, that’s exactly what took place as the show melted into perfection.

“Mercury” started the cruel run of classics brushed with jams as perfect as the beach. The train left the station with a bittersweet ” Slave to the Traffic Light”. The set of legend never caught another light as classic jams eventually led to Mexico losing their “Sanity” as the beautiful mind fuck filled the air.

As perfection was achieved, the rejoicing crowd just had to dance while “Walk Away”. The Page cover certified the show gold. My stomach ached wishing I sold that fuckin’ kidney. The cheesy Trey tune “More” set up Saturday’s show as opposed to putting an exclamation point on this Phishy Fiesta .

Kevin Long

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