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Published on February 24, 2019

Goose is a young band currently breaking onto the national scene. They are hitting the festival circuit hard this summer combined with a slew of tour dates. We here at Grateful Music know they are about to germinate onto your musical radars very soon. Recently, we sat down with the band so they could satisfy our curiosity by answering a few questions.   

G.M. I read you are from Norwalk, Connecticut. How did y’all meet and how long have you been playing music together?

Rick, Peter and Trevor all grew up in Wilton (next door to Norwalk) and met via various musical projects stemming out of high school. Rick then met Ben while both attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Though none of us met in Norwalk, it has become the home base since the inception of the group in 2014. The band has faced a few line up changes, but Ben, Rick and Trevor are all founding members. Peter was welcomed into the band near the end of 2017 at our annual holiday show, Goosemas.

G.M. Your music is an eclectic mix of styles, how would you explain your sound to someone who has never heard your music?

It seems like describing sounds keeps getting trickier these days with so many artists creating unique blends between widely varying styles. It’s certainly no easier when you’re on the inside of it, just going with what everyone’s hearing as a group. We have become fond of the analogy however, of a bon fire kegger in the woods with your best friends, where deeper in the forest some stranger, more mystical experiences await for those wanting to go there. That’s at least how we like to think about what we’re going for. For the boil down we were going with funk folk for a while, but these days we’re feeling a little more indie groove.

G.M. What bands growing up influenced you as musicians?

Also a real tough one to pin down, mostly because everyone each had their own laundry list of heroes growing up. Dave Matthews Band was a common influence between some of us growing up. I would say the most prominent influential forces for the band at this point though are in the realm of Phish / Dead, MMW / John Scofield, and Fleet Foxes / Bon Iver.

G.M. Y’all released your first album “Moon Cabin” in 2016, were you pleased with how your sound translated from the stage into the studio? Also, I read your working on a follow-up. How is that going?

Moon Cabin was actually recorded a couple years before we started touring, so the band really began with figuring out how those songs wanted to live in a recorded context. Taking a snap shot like that so early has been a valuable reference point in observing our growth together over the past few years as a band and as people. It’s served well as a root for the band. Yes, we have a lot we’re working on this year in addition to continuing to ramp up our touring engine. There’s some studio material we’ve been working on for quite a while, and another totally separate project we recently jumped head first into. We’re really excited about both projects. It’s a ton of fun work, but we’re shooting to get it all out this year so we can dive into more writing!

G.M. Your music encourages folks to dance. Is that something y’all push for or is it a byproduct of your music?

It’s a combination of both. We love to dance, therefore love to play dance grooves; but everyone has their own internal flow, so our music becomes a byproduct of that as we link up with the audience during a show.

G.M. For such a young band you harmonize beautifully. Is that something your conscience of ?

Thank you! It’s something we work at. Singing didn’t come easily for any of us, but through some determination and learning about where our voices are strongest we’ve gotten to a more comfortable place. we’ll always strive to continue improving though.

G.M. What are your goals for 2019?

The main goal is to be happy with ourselves and our music. We are also planning on releasing a substantial amount of studio recordings, some of which have been in the works for over a year already. We actually recorded a few singles in January which are currently set to release in February or March. On the live front, we are pumped to be on a wide range of festivals this Summer including Peach Fest and Domefest, while playing a lot more headlining shows this Winter and Spring. We met a lot of new amazing people last year, so we hope that continues as we travel to new and familiar places in 2019.

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