Leftover Salmon comes into Memphis Wednesday to celebrate the Book of Life.

Published on February 26, 2019

Leftover Salmon comes to Minglewood tomorrow night to celebrate the book of life. Thirty years ago, high amongst the mystical mountain tops of Crested Butte, jam-grass was born. Two bands joined forces on New Year’s Eve and turned bluegrass on its head.


Leftover Salmon was born out of necessity and the result was a career of destiny. Drew Emmitt and Glenn Keefe filled in for a few members of The Salmon Heads and what was Leftover has remained fresh for nearly thirty years.

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I first witnessed the funniest band on earth at Newby’s in the mid nineties and their musical blend of bluegrass, mixed with literally every genre imaginable was absolutely a highlight of my professional groupie career. I will never forget how it felt when bluegrass inspired Zeppelin classics danced alongside such infectious originals as “Pasta on the Mountain”. I personally had a shit eating grin, while my feet understood the joy moments ahead.

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