The Grateful Dead’s Television Show gets the Green Light!

Published on April 1, 2019

An interesting concept that has been bouncing around Hollywood for some time, finally found a home. Streaming service Amazon green-lighted “The Grateful Dead, Only in America” early last week. It’s a series based on the band’s unusual life and unconventional climb through the music ranks. It plans on dramatically depicting how The Dead became cultural icons. The project was approved for an inaugural eight episode season and we understand season two is already being penned.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors from the camp already and have it on good authority that Bob Weir himself was campaigning to play the role of Jerry Garcia. Luckily, executive producer Bill Walton convinced his friend that it would not be a real great idea since Bobby’s been acting like Jerry since his untimely death in 1995. Seth Rogen did sign last week to portray Jerry Garcia is the upcoming series. George Takei is tackling the complex role of Bobby Weir, Mel Gibson is slotted to play Mickey Hart, and funny guy Bill Murray is taking on the role of original drummer Billy K. It comes as no surprise to anyone that Jill Lesh will continue to play the role of Phil on the soon to be released series. As of today, no decision has been reached on which keyboardist(s) will be featured on the show or who will portray them. When that news breaks, we’ll have a better understanding of when the series will begin production.

We here at Grateful Music LLC are super excited about the upcoming series since Amazon did such a masterful job with the six part documentary “A Long Strange Trip.” We will keep you abreast as more details leak out.

APRIL 1 2019

In other news, rehearsals of the upcoming Dead and Company Summer Tour was shared with us recently. Bobby has managed to slow things down to the point were the band actually plays the complete Terrapin Suite backwards.

What a day of April Fools news you can use! Stay tuned for updates.

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