50th Anniversary of The Exploratorium featuring Mickey Hart and The Gyuto Monks.

Published on May 14, 2019
Photos by Susana Millman

The 50th Anniversary of San Francisco’s Exploratorium featured music icon Mickey Hart and live multi-phonic chanting demonstrations by Tibetan Gyuto monks treating attendees to an otherworldly surround-sound experience.

The 4 Gyuto monks migrated from Dharmsala, India and established a Tibetan Buddhist temple, the Gyuto Foundation, in Richmond, CA. The temple leader, the Ven Thupten Donyo, is on the right side of the photos, and next to Mickey.

The group bow includes John Meyer of Meyer Sound, who set set up the room for this mini concert. Mickey also played a magnificent tape of 100 monks chanting.

The Exploratorium was the brainchild of Frank Oppenheimer. At various times, Frank was a professor, a high school teacher, a cattle rancher, and an experimental physicist.

While teaching at a university, Frank developed a “library of experiments” that enabled his students to explore scientific phenomena at their own pace, following their own curiosity. Alarmed by the public’s lack of understanding of science and technology, Frank used this model to create the Exploratorium, believing that visitors could learn about natural phenomena and also gain confidence in their ability to understand the world around them. This was a groundbreaking idea for a science museum in 1969 when the Exploratorium opened. And the rest is history.

Learn more about The Exploratorium.


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