Lyle Brewer, one of the Best Kept Secrets in Music, Announces Solo Video Series of Grateful Dead songs.

Published on May 19, 2019

In case you have not heard of Lyle Brewer, he’s one of the best kept secrets in the world of guitar players. Artists such as Charlie Hunter and Scott Metzger hold him in the highest regard as a professional guitarist. Like Charlie Hunter, Lyle plays the bass, the chords, and the melody all at once on one guitar with no looping and makes it look, and sound seamless. 

Lyle has toured the country many times as a hired gun with acts such as the Ryan Montbleau Band, Dave Bruzza from Greensky Bluegrass, Caitlin Canty, and Peter Mulvey just to name a few. Now he’s ready to bring his name into the spotlight as a solo artist.

‘Let It Grow’ with Lyle Brewer is a series of Grateful Dead songs arranged and performed by Lyle live. Each month through the end of the year a new song will be released via pro audio and video starting with the song “Friend of the Devil” this Monday, May 20th at 11 AM. 


Lyle Brewer is one of the best kept secrets in music. A widely admired and respected guitarist, he has been recognized as a major force in the national jam band scene with the Ryan Montbleau Band and Unsafe At Any Speed with Dave Bruzza from Greensky Bluegrass. Since leaving RMB in 2014, Brewer has been making a name for himself as a solo guitarist. As a solo performer, he plays bass lines, melody and chords all at the same time. Even with so much to do technically, Brewer maintains focus on nuance, dynamics, phrasing, and tone color. Here’s what USA Today had to say about his 2015 original solo guitar album, “Juno”: 

“It’s achingly clear and beautifully produced. Brewer’s technical ability is staggering – each note both runs into the next and seems to stand out on its own. The melodies take the place of lyrics. The songs tell stories without words.”

Next up is a series of solo guitar interpretations of Grateful Dead music entitled, ‘Let It Grow’ with Lyle Brewer, presenting a fresh new take on this music with a nod to the beautiful, peaceful and timeless nature of the songs. Brewer will release a video every month between now and the end of 2019 and will perform this music live in concert throughout the New England region and beyond. “Lyle Brewer has found his own voice on the guitar and he’s using that voice to reimagine these songs with imagination & intelligence. I dig it” – Scott Metzger

A Few Upcoming Tour Dates

06/07 – Camp Greensky W/ Dave Bruzza from Greensky Bluegrass

06/23 – Stubblebine Lutherie (Boston, MA – 2 shows)

06/29 – Light Club Lamp Shop (Burlington, VT)

07/17 – Lilypad (Cambridge, MA)

07/28 – Ken Parker Guitar Shop (Gloucester, MA)

08/21 – Lilypad (Cambridge, MA)

08/24 – Club Passim (Cambridge, MA)

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