Goose Jams with Jeremy Schon, Lights Up Sold Out Covington Crowd

Published on March 12, 2020

Goose returned to Covington last night just 3 months after one of their largest headlining shows in band history to open for Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Covington has become a true “home away from home” for the progressive indie-jamband, and multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach paid homage to that fact last night commenting that this is where the band really started to take off a couple years ago.

While the city of Cincinnati, which lies just across the Ohio River from Covington, instituted a COVID-19 state of emergency earlier in the day, the capacity crowd was not dissuaded from filing in well before the 8 pm set time to witness the quartet launch into a lengthy Time to Flee. Next followed a commercial free stretch of music that involved a Bill Withers cover and Covington’s first witness to the Arrow original that debuted at Goosemas last December. As Arrow wound down, Jeremy Shown (Pigeons Playing Ping Pong) showed up to add his fiery guitar work to an extended Butter Rum. A rambunctious and heavy Madhuvan closed out the 75 minute set.

While there are no scheduled returns to northern Kentucky, something tells me the Cincinnati-area faithful won’t have to wait long to welcome their adopted sons back to town.

3.11.20, Covington, KY – Madison Theatre

Set: Time to Flee, Indian River > Lovely Day {1} > Arrow {2} > Butter Rum, Madhuavn

Coach’s Notes:
{1} Bill Withers
{2} Brought up very special guest Jeremy Shown on guitar towards the end of the Arrow jam, he then played for all of rum
This was a sold out show
Set Start Time: 8:00pm – Set End: 9:14pm

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