Goose Premiers 11/6/2020 Morris, CT (full show)

Published on November 18, 2020

After an unseasonable snowstorm passed through Connecticut the weekend of October 30th, Goose decided to postpone their weekend run to the following weekend. Night one (11/6) was rife with setlist rarities, including Lily’s Tiger (Great Blue Cover), It Burns Within (LTP Goosemas 1), and Empress of Organos (Vasudo Cover).

These links take you to Band Camp where you can purchase the music.


Lily’s Tiger 06:36
2.Butter Rum 12:27
3.The Whales 08:23
4.It Burns Within 06:31
5.All I Need 18:23
6.Secret Agent Man 05:44
7.Head Over Heels 12:39
8.Banter 01:41
9.The Empress Of Organos 15:25
10.Don’t Do It 07:52
11.Creatures 15:31
12.Honeybee 07:33
13.Your Ocean 07:06
14.Earthling or Alien? 14:34
15.Yeti 08:57
16.Ghostbusters Rap 07:30

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