Bees Deluxe Conrad Warre: “I BEAT UP IGGY POP. TWICE”

Published on February 19, 2022

Conrad Warre, front man of acid blues band, Bees Deluxe dishes on his days in London. Sure, he played with Paul Kossoff (who later joined Free), toured with Joe Jackson and the English Beat, turned down a chance to join “The Pretenders”and worked with artists like Yoko Ono and Frank Zappa at Rykodisc but he also beat up Iggy Pop. Twice.

Catch the man who beat up Iggy Pop (twice) with Bees Deluxe, his acid blues project, at Philly City Winery on Wednesday, March 23rd. Visit for more info. For tickets:

Check below for a video of Bees Deluxe in action.

Here’s Conrads story:

“In London in 1980, I was managing a female ska band called the Bodysnatchers, Warre recalls. “They performed at Debby Harry’s birthday party (and later got a record contract). After a show, we all went to a pub in North London where I noticed Iggy Pop and a companion drinking at the bar. The girls in the band were very excited to see him— so I went over and asked him if they could meet him. He was very gracious and said “of course.” So the band came over and they were swapping hairstyling tips with him and having a great time. I asked him how things were between him and James Williamson (the original Stooges guitarist who was no longer playing with him). We were both drunk and I guess the question rubbed him the wrong way. A fistfight ensued and before both of us were too bloodied, his companion, who was a bodyguard assigned to protect him, peeled us apart.

After that, the Bodysnatchers went on to become the Belle Stars and their version of “Iko Iko” was featured in the movie “Rain Man.” I decided to start a new band. But I always kept an eye out for Iggy.

Rare Large Nick Gravenites and John Cipollina Poster Athens | Etsy

And it wasn’t long before our paths crossed again. A year later, my band was playing at Dingwalls, a club in Camden Town, London.

We were opening for John Cipollina (guitarist for Quicksilver Messenger Service) who had formed a band with Nick Gravinites (of Janis Joplin’s Kozmic Blues Band). The American musicians were touring Europe with only their guitars and drumsticks and were using all our equipment that night. The Nick Gravinites John Cipollina Band had spent that day’s gig money on cocaine and Indian take-away food and they had made such a foul stink in the green room that my band let them to it and went into the club. Across the room I saw my youngest brother (who was in my band), being accosted by Iggy Pop! I went over and asked him what was going on and he said that Iggy was trying to pick him up. I came to my baby brother’s defense and a brief fight between Iggy and I ensued. Some blokes never learn.

That same evening at Dingwalls, Rat Scabies (the drummer for The Damned), was itching to fight with me, but unbeknownst to me, my two roadies, Clive and Scum were standing behind me making hostile gestures and Scabies scurried away. Later, I learned that Scabies had collected the contents of all the ash-trays on the Stiff Records tour bus and emptied all the ash, butts and matchsticks into Elvis Costello’s open mouth as he slept on the back seat of the bus – almost choked him to death.”

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