Spafford releases new album “Simple Mysteries”

Published on November 1, 2022

Spafford will be releasing their 4th studio album. The record contains 8 tracks, 5 of which have debuted on this current tour, plus first time studio versions of “Backdoor Funk,” “Shake You Loose,” and “Broken Wing.”

Spafford will be supporting the album with tour dates all across the US this year, including extended runs in Colorado, Texas, and Florida, finishing up with two nights in their hometown of Phoenix, AZ for New Years. Today, the band rolled out their first 12 tour dates of 2023, with many more to be announced.

Simple Mysteries marks the first digital release since Hindsight, a live compilation of band-selected live cuts from winter of 2020. It’s the first studio release since the Gaff Tapes EP in 2019. 

From the band: 

We are beyond excited to share our latest album, Simple Mysteries, with the world. The album was recorded in phases throughout the course of the pandemic in our studio “The Pound”, where we selected some new ideas to bring to life and also gave some long-deserved studio treatment to songs we had already been playing live for some time. The result is a beautiful musical journey, hand crafted to perfection, ripe for the listening. 

Simple Mysteries was collaboratively produced by Spafford and engineered by Jordan Fairless at The Pound. The finished product was sent to 5 time Emmy Award Winning Mixer Matt Rifino for mixing and 13 time Grammy Award winner Dave McNair for mastering.

Spafford are known for their astonishing improvisational ability and off-the-cuff extended jams, Spafford paints a picture in real-time each night with a musical palette known only to each other. It’s a private language comprised of both their talent as musicians as well as their formidable catalog of influences, spanning 90’s alt-rock radio hits to Steely Dan and The Crystal Method. Each Spafford show is a sonic pilgrimage, the journey of a team of musicians so in tune with each other that a single note communicates intent and purpose. Spafford is amongst the most creative and hard-traveling bands on the contemporary jam scene, performing countless sold-out headline dates along with high profile festival sets at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, Firefly Music Festival, and many others.


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